I live in London with my husband and I’m a baking-mad Mum to our now seven-year-old daughter, Honey. (She was three when I started this blog!) I am a baking geek. Passionate about cakes, bread, pies, cookies, desserts, you name it – if it involves baking, I am probably thinking about it at any given time! I even applied for the Great British Bake Off – and after several auditions, screen tests and interviews, I made it to the final 50 contestants (out of 20,000+ applicants) for the 2015 series. Although I was quite sad that I didn’t get to meet Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry, I am still rather proud of making it so far. All things considered, it is probably for the best that I didn’t make it ‘into the tent’ – I would likely have been the one rocking in the corner after some kind of cupcake disaster! Never one to be deterred, I am still at my happiest when up to my elbows in dough; I also love developing my own recipes, coming up with my own twist on classics and creating quirky and fun originals.

My little girl (her middle name is Honey) loves to help me in the kitchen – sometimes this means more cake batter on the floor than in the mixer and cookie dough usually ends up being nibbled before making it into the oven! And I don’t mind one bit; I love to see her getting involved, and I enjoy teaching her the basics about nutrition, preparing and cooking food – both sweet and savoury. These are valuable skills she will use for life. Baking with Honey has been, and continues to be, the best bonding experience I could’ve imagined for us.

As well as baking, I – like every other parent – cook family meals on a daily basis. As a vegetarian (vegan as of January 2017) sometimes I adapt recipes from books, sometimes I make things up. Occasionally a flash of inspiration – maybe a memory of something eaten somewhere exotic – triggers the slightly manic need to recreate it. I’ve had my share of disasters (an honest husband and brutally blunt child are the harshest critics) but I promise that everything posted on this completely vegetarian blog tastes great and will be enjoyed by veggies and meat-eaters alike.

I started this blog originally as a fun way of sharing my recipes with friends who requested them, instead of scribbling them down on a piece of paper! However, as someone who enjoys both writing and photography in addition to baking, blogging has quickly become an enjoyable hobby for me. As well as recipes, the aim of this site is to provide detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as short-cuts and tips that’ll make the kitchen tasks a bit easier, and to provide encouragement and information on vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, particularly raising veggie children. On a purely personal note, I can also look back and see how my little girl grows and changes as she is captured – usually licking spoons! – throughout the site.

Developing recipes and writing about them is very enjoyable but also time consuming; if you share something, please provide a link back to this site! And if you try something out, do let me know how you get along with it!

Happy baking,


Email: Katy[@]BakingWithHoney.co.uk

Twitter/Insta: @bakingwithhoney

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